Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Astral Woman

Hey guys! It doesn't really look like anyone is posting on here, but I finished this short recently and figured I'd share it. This is called 'The Astral Woman', though not expressly animation, there is a short animated segment...

In many cultures, The Astral Man or The Cosmic Man is a symbolic representation of the human beings potentiality towards wholeness. The symbol can also be seen as a symbol of Self. "According to the testimony of many myths, the Cosmic Man is not only the beginning but also the final goal of all life--of the whole of creation." (Marie-Louise von Franz, “Man and His Symbols”) This symbol is sometimes represented as a hermaphrodite, to show the joining of opposites, though quite often is represented by a white male human being. In “The Astral Woman” I have begun what I hope to be a small series of various short films that start to re-define the masculine dominance in our cultural history. I want to take strong and meaningful concepts and replace the dominant image with something different.

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