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* Classic Disney *

Recently my Art Director bought an old Disney book, called the "Art of Walt Disney" for only $1! This book is filled with great sketches, stills, and photos. A lot of the artwork comes from the one and only, Ub Iwerks, an animation pioneer, wizard and a huge inspiration and influence for the way I work. I'll be writing more on him later, but for now I hope you enjoy these scans I made from the book.


P.S. Thanks again Eamon for posting on Shotaro Ishinomori. He's amazing and also a big influence on my work, along with Tezuka, Yokoyama & Toriyama!

* Under the Influence *

Thought I'd share this with everyone. Behind the ink with one of the best characters ever created! Thanks to my good friend, Craig Parrillo for sharing this with me and to E.C. Segar and the Fleischer Bros.!

Cartoon Network Internship - Circa 2006 (C3K)

For those interested, I've been uploading my video projects that I did while I was in school for my film minor and sequential art classes on Youtube.

Among them is my short Documentary / Music Video during my internship at Cartoon Network Studios for Class of 3000. Enjoy!

P.S. "lil Joe" is the nickname I got at Cartoon Network, since there was already another Joe on the show, and I was the youngest of the bunch.

Monday, January 12, 2009

A portrait of Ken Boyer by Bruce Timm

My friend Craig Parrillo recently let me borrow his copy of Bruce Timm's (Modern Masters Vol. 3) and found to my amazement Ken Boyer Illustrated among other crew members for Tiny Toons. For those of you who don't know, Ken has been a big influence on Tiny Toons, Animaniacs, the Tigger movie, 101 Dalmations the series, and other great animated shows and features. Ken is also a good friend of mine and was my mentor during my internship at Cartoon Network Studios in 2006.

Dr. McKnight's latest...

"Falling Short of God's Glory Through Sin" by Bob McKnight

Golden Age Looney(s)

Rubber Hose Style Book...

It was recently told to me by my good friend and Mentor Dr. Bob Mcknight that there is a book drawn in the style of 1930's cartoons, a.k.a the Rubber Hose style. A very short-lived animation style that is slowly resurfacing today.

The book is called "Cartooning: Animation Basics" by Walter Foster.

Copies of the book are available for purchase at or at

This Weekend (It All Started Here!)

This Article is from Cartoon Brew:

"Here’s a restored 1936 Fleischer Studios drawing wedge (click photo above to see larger image). It’s made of wood and fitted with ball-bearing’d wheels to ease the rotation of the heavy disc. It also has two inventions of the Fleischer’s employed on it:

1. a lever which when pushed down, will slide the drawings off the pegs in an uniform fashion so as to not rip the peg holes in the paper

2. an inkwell tray with a sliding latch which locks the bottles in place. (This was added later on and wouldn’t have been on an animator’s/asst’s disc)

This contraption began its life in the NY studios at 1600 Broadway, then traveled to their new Miami complex for several years, only to return to Manhattan as the property of Famous Studios. It also comes with Marty Taras’ fieldguide. . .

…and it will be part of It All Started Here, the East Coast animation exhibition curated by Howard Beckerman and J. J. Sedelmaier. Presented by ArtsWestchester in partnership with J. J. Sedelmaier Productions, Inc. and Blue Sky Studios, this citywide celebration of New York’s 103 year relationship with the animation industry will have its opening reception on Saturday, Jan 17th, from 5-8pm at The Arts Exchange, 31 Mamaroneck Ave. in White Plains, New York. This is the kick-off for a month of screenings, parties and displays.

For more info regarding all the It All Started Here festivities check the Facebook page. And, to whet your appetite, JJ sent us a very vintage 70s era Wyler’s Lemonade spot by Jan Svochak that will be in the Commercials section of the film program. . . "

Daffy Duck Slept Here...

Thanks Craig!

New Dr. Slump, featuring Goku

The American Akira (Coming 2011)

Cartoon Network Groovies - "El Kabong"

Flinstones on the Rocks...

In 2001 the last Flinstones animated movie aired on Cartoon Network. This was also the last Flinstones feature that involved Bill Hanna and Joseph Barbera.

Enjoy the full character design gallery by Craig Kellman here:

And you can read an article about it HERE

The movie also had an amazing dream sequence using stop motion animation by Screen Novelties

Cartoon Network Groovies - "Josie and the Pussycats"

Adventure Time!

Adventure Time is a pilot cartoon created by Pen Ward. The original pilot aired through Nickelodeon's Random Cartoons! in 2006.

Today Adventure Time is being produced into a full series by Cartoon Network. You can view the production blog, filled with great Illustrations HERE

Cartoon Network Groovies - "Rollin"

A great music video using clips from Betty Boop

New Black Jack movie...

Black Jack the movie: The Two Doctors of Darkness

Cartoon Network Groovies - "Jabberjaw"


A new amazing french film with the character design by Illustrator Enrique Fernandez!

Charles Burns - On Tv & Animation

Altoid commercial ad..

Peur(s) du Noir, an amazing french film with different stories told in B&W, including one by Burns!

Dogboy...a live action series inspired by Burn's comic...disturbing!


a super messed but awesome and sorta cute anime called Cat Soup

A Cowboy Needs a Horse

Food around the corner!

Here's the Clampett classic I'm always talking about and singing around the corner!

No More Kings - Music Video

A nicely animated video

KID MAN & Lemon Show!

Tenacious D's Classico by John K

Osamu Tezuka rarities...

Tezuka Puppet Animation

Live Action Astro Boy

TMNT vs. Power Rangers

This might be the best crossover yet!!!!

Mr. Lux - At your Sevice

"He'll save children, but not the british children"

Gabe Swarr's Mario / Donkey Kong short...

Angst - Cartoon

More from Makinita!

View all of Makinita's animations HERE

Disney's - Man in Space - 1955

View them all HERE

Disney's Mars & Beyond - 1957

View them all HERE

Starzinger - Japanese Swedish Intro

Osamu Tezuka's Amazing 3

"The opening to Amazing 3, created and produced by Osamu Tezuka (creator of Astroboy) for Mushi Productions in 1965, and syndicated in the U.S.beginning in 1967."

"Mr. Bug Goes to Town" - Part 1

(a.k.a. "Hoppity Goes to Town" and "Bugville")

A rare Fleischer classic!

"It was originally meant to be an adaptation of Maurice Maeterlinck's The Life of the Bee, but the Fleischers were unable to get the rights to the book, and the studio came up with its own story inspired by The Life of the Bee instead and also added from Capra-esque elements.

"Mr. Bug Goes to Town" was beset by problems early on. To produce their first animated feature, "Gulliver's Travels", the Fleischers had moved their studio from New York City to Miami, Florida, and expanded their staff, at great expense. Immediately after "Gulliver" was completed and released, the studio began development on a second feature, eventually going into production on "Mr. Bug".

The studio was already deeply in debt, and the Fleischers were forced to sell their studio to Paramount mid-way through production on Mr. Bug, on May 24, 1941. Paramount kept the Fleischers in production, but they were required to deliver unsigned letters of resignation to Paramount, to be used at the studio's discretion, as the brothers were growing apart.

"Mr. Bug" was originally going to be released on November of 1941, but since the Fleischer's rival, Disney, released "Dumbo" weeks earlier, Paramount changed the date to December of the same year, but "Mr. Bug" unfortunately went into a, then unrealized, trap of terrible timing. Having the misfortune of opening two days after the attack on Pearl Harbor, "Mr. Bug" was a financial disaster and led to the ousting of Max and Dave Fleischer, from the studio they had established in 1919, and reorganized the company as Famous Studios."

Brought to you by: Swat&Smack

T28 by Imagi!

It looks like all my favorite anime classics are getting the IMAGI treatment.

Detroit Metal City!

An amazingly hilarious new 13 episode series from Japan! It deals with a pop-songwriter that must play death-metal in order to pay his bills and get his music career started.

Thank-you to my friend iMatt for introducing me to this great series!

The Lone Ranger - Animated


MGM's Lonesome Stranger (1940's)

1960's - Format Films

1980's - Filmation

Ub's infamous skeletons...

Skeleton Dance (1929)

Skeleton Frolic (1937)

Flip The Frog - Fiddlesticks (1930)

by Ub Iwerks

Mickey Mouse - Clock Cleaners - 1937

Another classic!

Goofy - 1930's

A Collection of Goofy clips from the 1930's. One of my favorite Disney characters.

Mickey Mouse - Camping Trip

Another favorite...

Mickey Mouse - Lonesome Ghosts

One of my all time favorites!

Walt Disney - Chicken Little - 1943

Disney's first go round...

Walt Disney - Toot, Whistle, Plunk And Boom - 1953

This is a great Disney short, that I thought I'd share with everyone today.