Wednesday, April 8, 2009

FLINSTONES: On the Rocks!

Here it is finally! Thanks to my buddy Craig Parrillo for the heads up!

"This was a rarely seen animated special that aired in 2001 on "Cartoon Network's Cartoon Theatre" based on the original series.

With Fred and Wilma's marriage falling apart the Rubbles take them on a vacation to fix their relationship, but when a jewel thief gets a stolen diamond mixed up with one of Wilma's bags Fred uses it as a way to win Wilma back (unaware that it's stolen) while the thief pursues them to get it back.

This film is notable for having a unique dream sequence for Fred done in puppet-motion animation. It is also the very last animated Flintstones project from Cartoon Network, as well as the show's original creators William Hanna and Joseph Barbera (William Hanna died before this film aired and was dedicated to his memory). "

To watch the rest of the movie go to CN90s youtube page!

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